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Get the seventh book in the Weary Dragon Inn series, Zealots and Zeniths ebook, direct from the publisher.

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Summer has arrived in Pigsend, and it’s not just the sweltering temperatures putting everyone on edge. It’s the sixth anniversary of the war ending, and a cadre of soldiers is camping north of town to keep the peace and monitor for strange activity. Rumor has it a rebellion is brewing, one that threatens to plunge the country back into war—not that anyone in Pigsend is keen on that. 

At the Weary Dragon, Bev’s playing host to the usual set of travelers, including butcher Vellora’s old commander Andres. The retired kingside soldier came to visit with his dear friend as well as provide some insight into Bev’s mysterious past. But when the queen’s soldiers find themselves the victim of mischief in their encampment, they’ve got one suspect – Andres. 

Bev’s on the case to clear his name, but things aren’t quite as simple as they seem. Could Andres really be fomenting rebellion in plain view, or is there something else more magical happening? 

Zealots and Zeniths is the seventh book in the Weary Dragon Inn series, a cozy follow-up to Veils and Villains. 

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