Razia should be one of the most-feared space pirate bounty hunters in the universe. Trained by the legendary Tauron Ball, she can track down the most elusive pirates and bring them to heel without breaking a sweat. But unfortunately, she’s never given a chance to prove herself. Piracy is a lucrative, tightly-controlled game – and unless something changes her boss’s mind, she’s stuck catching the purse snatchers he assigns her.

To pay the bills, she’s stuck in her old life as Dr. Lyssa Peate, planet-discovering scientist and daughter to the disappeared Sostas, obsessed with the religious center of the universe. There, she’s hounded by her other boss, who’s interest in her father’s work crosses the line when he assigns her an intern who’ll surely report her every move. Already at her wit’s end balancing her two lives, this new wrinkle makes things even more complicated…

…then her intern is mistaken for her hostage by the Universal Police.