The Queen of Veils eBook


The final installment in the spellbinding Princess Vigilante series, The Queen of Veils eBook, takes readers back to the city of Forcadel as Brynna makes her final play to reclaim her kingdom. Full of twists and turns, this final book will keep readers guessing until the very end.

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Brynna has returned to Forcadel, but not in a manner she ever expected. After being intentionally captured by Ilara, she’s biding her time until her growing army amasses in Forcadel, led by her two closes confidants, Felix and Katarine.

But her two friends are encountering problems of their own. Katarine’s army can’t get past the border of Forcadel, thanks to Ilara’s new blockade. And Felix struggles with leading his army and proving himself worthy to his would-be queen.

The culmination of Brynna’s journey from vigilante to queen will astound and surprise readers. New alliances will be formed, old ones tested, and Brynna learns the true meaning of being a queen. Don’t miss this stunning conclusion to the Princess Vigilante series.

Series Order

  • The City of Veils
  • The Veil of Ashes
  • The Veil of Trust
  • The Queen of Veils


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