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The City of Veils is an award-winning young adult fantasy book about a vigilante who must hang up her mask and become queen. 

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Walking the line between royal and renegade has never been so treacherous.

Five years ago, facing an arranged marriage in a distant country, Princess Brynna ran away and became The Veil, a masked vigilante protecting the streets of Forcadel. But when her father and brother are murdered – and the killer is nowhere to be found – she’s forced back into a life of crowns and gowns instead of cloaks and cut-throats.

But The Veil’s problems remain. Her nemesis, Lord Beswick, continues to prey on the most innocent in the city. Unable to stand by and do nothing, Brynna strikes a deal with her overly-protective captain to finish what she started before she’s officially crowned queen and she has to hang up her mask for good.

Now, Brynna must find a royal murderer, take down a slumlord businessman, and keep her kingdom in one piece – not to mention stay alive herself – in this award-winning first book in this fast-paced, young adult epic fantasy.


  • Winner of the 2019 Florida Author Project Young Adult Book of the Year
  • Runner-up 2019 National Indie Author Project Book of the Year

★★★★★ “I devoured this story and am eager for the next one.” – Bethany Wicker, Young Adult Books Central

★★★★★ “The City of Veils is entertaining from the first page to the last. The wait for the next book will feel interminable.” – Catherine Thureson, Foreward Reviews

★★★★★ “With its immersive world, and unapologetically subversive heroine, CITY OF VEILS will knock you down and keep you coming back for more” – Jennifer Ellison, author of the Threats of Sky and Seas

★★★★★ “I highly suggest this book to anyone who read the Throne of Glass series. This book is full of great fight scenes, emotional blows, and great moments of laughter.” – Goodreads Reviewer

Series Order

  • The City of Veils
  • The Veil of Ashes
  • The Veil of Trust
  • The Queen of Veils


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