A Mer-Murder at the Cove eBook


Get the first book in a brand new paranormal cozy mystery series featuring a hapless witch, a dive bar in money trouble, and a fishy murder mystery!

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Jo Maelstrom’s avoidance problems hit an all-time high when, after weeks of dodging her grandmother’s calls, she got a text that “Big Jo” had died suddenly. Now back in Eldred’s Hollow, a supernatural haven on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Jo is forced to reckon with her past – and the severe lack of magic that sent her running in the first place. Her grandmother’s bar and marina, Witch’s Cove, is in some dire financial straits, and there’s more than a few people itching to take it off her hands.

But when the leader of the local mermaid clan washes up dead on the shore, Jo finds herself embroiled in the question of who and why – and does it have anything to do with her own grandmother’s mysterious death?

A Mer-Murder at the Cove is the first book in the Witch’s Cove Paranormal Cozy Mystery series.

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