Book Formatting Services

Have a reader-ready manuscript that needs to fit the bill for Amazon, Smashwords, CreateSpace, or Ingram? You provide us the .Doc and we’ll do the rest. Our book formatting services can provide formats for .Mobi, .ePub, and print-ready PDF.

We will start by determining the interior style elements (font, size, spacing) and give you a ten paged sampler for you to review and approve. Once that’s complete, we’ll send you the full manuscript.


Basic Formatting for Print: Includes typeset, removal of extra spaces, custom header (text only), and one pass of author typo editing. Clients provide all graphics, header images, and font choice.

  • Under 40,000 words: $100
  • 40,001-75,000 words: $125
  • 75,001-125,000 words: $150
  • Over 125,000 words: Contact for estimate

Additional services:

The below services will be added on for additional help, such as locating custom graphics for section breaks or performing any graphic design support.

  • eBook formatting: $25 per format type
  • Additional print formatting: $25 per format type (e.g. Hardcover)
  • Custom graphics (clip art): $25
  • Custom graphics (Photoshop): $25 per image
  • Font selection: $25
  • Custom interior formatting (above and beyond base text and chapter headings): Contact for estimate

Please note: Clients must pay for and ensure font choices are available for commercial use.

Need a wrap-around cover for your book too? We can provide some graphic design services for an additional fee.

Formatting Examples

Want to see more? Below you’ll find examples of formatting we’ve done for clients.

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Please note that our prices do not include the cost of any stock photo purchase, custom fonts that are not available for commercial use, and do not include typo or grammar editing. Check out our editing services page for more information.