It’s the wedding of the year in Pigsend, at least if you talk to Vicky Hamblin. The bride-to-be is dead set on making her wedding to baker Allen Mackey the most perfect spectacle in the history of weddings, if only to impress her two snooty aunts in from Middleburg. Bev’s in charge of hosting them at the Weary Dragon Inn, along with a carefully-curated list of other family members, all designed to impress.

But when things start going awry, and Vicky suspects someone might be out to sabotage her wedding, Bev’s on the case once more. Can she find out who’s out to get the bride before the big day?

Veils and Villains is the sixth book in the Weary Dragon Inn series.

**Delivery of physical books will be after May 15, 2024**