Author Central is an Amazon service provided to authors that serves two main functions. First, you can create a single “landing page” within the Amazon store with your biography, photos, and, most importantly, a listing of all your published works. Author Central also is a location to provide even more metadata about your book, including editorial reviews and more.

If youve got a central llisting of your products on Author Central, readers may buy another bookWhy is it important to have a single landing page for all your books? When a reader completes a book, they may click on your name on their Kindle or iPad. If you’ve got a central listing of your products, the chances are good they may buy something else. Most importantly, it provides an additional level of professionalism to your profile.

Getting Started

To get an Author Central account, visit and create an account. It may take up to a week to get approved (not surprising for anyone who regularly works with Amazon). You can still add photos and a bio while you’re waiting.

You do not have to use your exact biography in your Amazon author bio. Some recommend adding additional content, like more information about your books to bump up your search engine optimization within Amazon. Keep in mind that your book covers will draw more attention than a block of text, so don’t go overboard here.

Creating Your Book Metadata

Boost preorder potential by adding editorial reviews in Author CentralOnce you have your account, you’ll need to manually add your books. You will have to do this with every subsequent book you publish. You can either use your pen name, book title, or ISBN to search. If different formats of your book are connected on Amazon, they will show up as one record in Author Central.

Once your books are claimed, you can begin adding additional metadata. This is especially important if you’ve got a preorder. Amazon does not allow early reviews of most indie-pubbed novels, but you can add editorial reviews to your book metadata early.

Keep in mind that you will have to add reviews to all versions of your books. While the paperback and hardcover formats allow you to add a separate review per line, the eBook format has one space, as depicted in the screen shots below.


Screen shot of author central

Hardcover format has individual adds for reviews


Screen shot of Author central

Kindle edition has a single block for all text edits


There are other sections that you may utilize to add additional information about your book, from Product Description to From the Back Cover to About the Author. Add more information here at your discretion.

Go International

Many authors have their Author Central page established in the US, but many haven’t taken the extra step to claim their profiles in other countries. Even if the majority of your sales come from the US, it’s still a good idea to give international customers an easy access to all your content. Below is an easy list of links to each of the Author Central options Amazon offers:

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