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SGR-P Consulting Services brings 10 years of Microsoft SharePoint know-how to clients around the world. As well, our alter ego is a 10-time published author of science fiction and fantasy novels. Our SharePoint blog ghostwriting services blend the best of both worlds. We’ll make sure your content is both ready for SEO and your non-technical customers.

Blog Topics

Below are some topics we’d be glad to cover for you:

  • SharePoint 2007-2010-2013-Online
    • Knowledge Management
    • Content Management
    • Document Management
    • Business Process Management
    • SharePoint value-added to business
    • Other various technical discussions
  • SharePoint and other Cloud-Based Services
    • Reasons to pursue SharePoint vs. Google Docs/DropBox
    • Differences between cloud services
  • Metadata
    • Importance of metadata in documentations
    • Folders vs. Metadata
    • Increase searchability of content through metadata

And much more! Contact us with your ideas and we’d be glad to help out.

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Below find some examples of blogs we’ve ghostwritten for clients.


“Where do I start?” – Planning Your Company’s Intranet and CMS with Microsoft SharePoint

Corporate knowledge is achieved at the intersection of data and usability. A company can have terabytes of data on hand, but if no one is able to find and use the data, then it’s worthless. On the other hand, a company can have the most up to date content management system, but if users aren’t willing or able to add their data, it will remain an empty, but pretty, system.

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the industry-leading content management systems (CMS), but too often, companies find themselves building an intranet that remains empty—or filling it with data that becomes buried. The main reason for the disconnect is companies lack a good plan for how to use their system, and don’t properly identify their requirements for content storage and retrieval. This blog post will discuss some of the initial steps for developing a solid foundation for a company’s intranet.

Google Docs vs. Microsoft OneDrive

With so many different services that do the same thing, it can be difficult for business owners to determine which is the best value for their organization. Google Docs has emerged in the past few years as a commercial solution many users rely on for their personal files. But when it comes to business needs, SharePoint is one of the most widely utilized content management and collaboration services. These two platforms are powerful in their own right, and share some of the same features, but SharePoint edges Google Docs for many business owners.

The most obvious benefit to using SharePoint over Google Docs is the Microsoft ecosystem. Most businesses rely on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint—and some even have Microsoft Outlook as their primary email client. By utilizing SharePoint as a file share, you get the benefits of interoperability and enhanced features, as well as a single account to manage all programs.