Need some help perfecting that manuscript? Finished a #NaNoWriMo project and need a second pair of eyes? SGR-Publishing is your one-stop shop for an indie editor and formatter. We offer a variety of different options for editing, from a light touch of Beta Reading to a more intensive Developmental Edit.

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Beta Reading

Our Beta Reading services provide the big-rock feedback around plot, pacing, characterization and general thoughts about your manuscript. We won’t get into the nitty gritty of line-by-line commentary, but we’ll offer a 50,000-foot view of how readers might react to your work. Recommended for authors with a little experience under their belt.

Price: $0.50 per page*

Developmental Editing

Our Developmental Editing services provide a deeper level of insight than our beta reading services. We will go paragraph-by-paragraph and find where you’re “telling” vs. “showing,” and help make your manuscript the best it can possibly be. Recommended for new authors, or those who want a close scrub of their work.

Price: $1.50 per page*


Have a reader-ready manuscript that needs to fit the bill for Amazon, Smashwords, CreateSpace, or Ingram? You provide us the .Doc and we’ll do the rest. Our formatting services will provide you with a format of the book in .Mobi, .ePub, and a print-ready PDF.

Want us to do a final reader-check of your book too? For an additional fee, we can review your book and make sure all your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

Price: $50 for basic formatting

Price: $150 for formatting + QA

*One page is one 8.5×11, Times New Roman, Double Spaced Page. 

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Below you’ll find examples of formatting we’ve done for clients. As always, if you’d like us to do a free sample, we’d be more than happy to.

Formatting Examples