Technical Services

SGR-P offers a variety of consulting services related to SharePoint, WordPress design, as well as general publishing and marketing support. We bill by the quarter-hour through PayPal or you can contract us through UpworkContact us today for a quote for how we can help you get your SharePoint environment working for you.

SharePoint Consulting

SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. Many businesses have invested in the tool, but often times find the sheer number of features to be overwhelming. SGR-P Consulting Services offers a tried-and-true methodology for and end-to-end solution that begins with business requirements and ends with training and hand-off. We’ve perfected this method at clients as large as the United States Air Force, and as small as our own business.

SharePoint Consulting: $25 per hour


WordPress Design

For businesses needing a public-facing presence, SGR-P can configure and tweak your WordPress site. We’ve helped authors like Meradeth Houston and businesses like RV Service Shield put together a user-friendly, engaging site that helps drive business. (Spoiler alert: We also design our own sites).

Design Services: $300+ per WordPress site

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